Fifty-seven years ago, in the crowded Audobon Ballroom in Manhattan NY our brother, Father, Hero was assassinated. On that day not only was his life extinguished but a dream and a reality halted in its tracks.

Malcolm X was a Leader in his own right and a beacon of light for the Black Race to follow. These qualities were very well known by the enemies of the Black Race and that would be this govt and their white supremacist structures that are still in place and now more powerful than ever.

His message of Black Nationalism is more important than ever for us to follow and take heed upon. Especially with the consistent killing of Black People all over this country by those of the white race and those that are sworn to protect and serve.

I often imagine Malcolm X tossing and turning in his grave at what we have become as a race, and how we have allowed this system to continue to brutalize us.

We have no more Black Men or Women that are constantly challenging the powers that be and keeping their foot on the neck of the oppressor when it comes to speaking hard truths and harsh words when it concerns the betterment of the Black Race and the things that we need to be independent as A Race.

Malcolm X said it best in one of his speeches when he said it is time for us to stop singing and time to start swinging. Yet we have millions of our own kind still being bamboozled and lulled to sleep by this system of white supremacy and continuing to still vote and believe in a system that will never believe in you.

In my Podcast The GabrielProssers Podcast on Spotify. I have a series called The Malcolm X mentality VS A MLK Mentality. This is an important issue that we have in the Black Race because a lot of us have the MLK mentality of turning the other cheek and don’t even realize it. It is of no coincidence that this country will continue to promote the Dogma of MLK to our children's, children's, children.

This country does not want any Black Family to raise another Malcolm X or any one similar that will exude the qualities of that true revolutionary spirit. They want us to move on and forget about his tremendous legacy that this Man has left behind for all of us to follow in order that we may attain true freedom and liberation for the Black Race By Any Means Necessary.

The pussy-footing weak kneed negros that are in front of the cameras on the radios so-called speaking for the Black Race are nothing more than this countries hand-picked uncle toms and steppin fetchets who follow the white supremacist script to a tee. Those that have sold their souls for meager materialistic trinkets from their white supremacist masters to continue to pull the wool over the unsuspecting Black Race.

That is why I say that their has been no one that has come close to the true Revolutionary Spirit that the Brother Malcolm X stood and was assassinated for. Therefore it is pertinent for us as the Black Race to reignite this flame so that we can continue to follow that blueprint that was laid down for us to follow.

This day should be in the memory of every single Black Person and we should not support their capitalistic endeavors on a day such as this that holds so much importance. The fact that this country has and will not make a nationally recognized day is proof in the pudding of how this country feels about Black Men that want to be Men and not this country puppets so they can continue to walk all over them as if we are nonentities.

The Black Race we have been under a deep slumber for some time now and it is past time for us to awaken as a Race. If not and we do not unite as a race and start to implement Black Nationalism in our lives we can see the path that we the Black Race will continue upon. Malcolm X lived and died for a reason and that reason was for us the Black Race to become independent from the systems in this country that has done nothing good for us since the inception of this country in 1776.

We cannot continue to allow this Mans message to be ignored or what he stood and died for to be in vain.




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