This is the way that our true Gangsta ancestors lived and died, and i am talking aboout those that had this villian the govt and the pigs shaking in their fucking boots. Malcom x for example was awakening a conciousness in the Black Race that they have never seen before, they were becoming aware of themselves and their own kind and now were starting to take interest in the upliftment of their people, instead of the degradation of btheir own kind. This is sonmething that the govt the Villian has never seen before and it was something that they knew that they would not be able to handle…. I mean after all isn’t this the reason that j edgar hoover started The Infamous Cointelpro it was staed in his memo that he wanted the villain the govt and the pigs their arm of force to stop the new Black Messiah who could unify and elctrify a new Black Nationalist Movement.. These are their words… And as we can see the Trajectory of our people sense this govt has assassinated Our Brothers and Sistahs that were challenging the very fabric of this country and the wrongs thatvv were and are still being done to us today. I mean this shit is sickening to say the least. Here we are in this country have been geting killed since the inception of this country in 1776. The kkk have been killing and harrasing us for over 150 years and still has not been labled a terrorist group and lynching has still not been made a hate crime. This alone says everything for the sane person to uderstand and that is that they do not give two fucks about the plight of the Black Race as a whole, i mean again facts the asians, native americans, and jews have all recieved Reparations from the govt of this country, and to make things worse for wear the holocaust did not happen in this country and they still recieved reparations from the govt of this country. Yet the Black race we have not recieved shit but excuses and Broken Promises that some how they keep getting us to beleive in these same systems and vote for them in another four years as if out of the blue this system or nyone that gets into that office will change any damn thing. It should be more than obvious now that we the Black Race can not and must not depend on this system or those that are in office to push any bills that are destinede to help us and only us. It is time for some hard words and some hard truths to be spoken… The TIME IS NOW FOR US TO TAKE OUR LIBERATION AND WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS… IF NOT NOW WHO AND WHEN???




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Gabriel Prosser

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