The Obvious Distraction of Will and Chris… Yet People Still Don’t Get It. 🤔🤔

The foolishness of this fiasco of the Will and Chris ignorance is enough to send a person over the edge. I mean since this has started it seems as if the Black Race has lost their mind, everywhere you go now their has to be a conversation about the “Slap”. As if this is the worse thing that has happened in the Oscars. Well at least that is what they want us to think, Remember they do not want us to Remember our History especially the History that makes them look bad or guilty because that is what they are and they know it.

While the whole world especially the Black Community that is in an uproar over what has happened in the Oscars. They seem to forget that their was one thing that has happened that makes what happened to Will in the Oscars… Well let me just say it makes it irrelevant.

The point that I am trying to make is that it should be obvious that this country has not the best interest of the black race at heart and never had, because we can see the momentum that the country is moving in. We can see the Blatant attacks on us from the systems that are coming at us from all sides. Being the most recent of these shenanigan's is the Slap at the Oscars. They would want you to believe that this is the most drastic and absurd thing that has happened.

Yet I can Think of a few more and one in particular that they will want us to forget about and never bring it up again. This country is intent on layering our Race with the most common distractions that are taking us off of the game plan.

The thing that should be having the internet going crazy is not the fact that Will slapped Chris, But the fact that Hattie Mcdaniel could not even receive her own Oscar in the 1940,s She couldn’t even sit at the same table that the other actors were seated just because of the color of her skin.

So when I constantly hear and see all of this commotion that is being readily pushed and accepted as the darkest day in the Oscars all I can say is That is some poppycock, Malarky, and that is exactly what they want us to talk about… Again the white supremacist structures in this country love to sit back and laugh at the fact that the Black Race is going and acting a fool because of some senseless disagreement or misunderstanding that someone Black had.

They don't want the mainstream avenues of media to constantly portray them and their Race as the Monsters that they truly are… I mean if you think about it they would want you and all of your friends to keep talking about this nonsense because its gets the heat off of them. They will keep saying that this was the worst day in the history of the Oscars just so they can keep the issue off of them and all of the crimes that they are Quilty of and are still committing today.

For instance no one is constantly talking about the fact that they are the first ones that have done the worst when it comes to the image of the Oscars… Again they are the first ones that has tainted this event from the beginning, and ill go even further and say that I will never understand how anyone Black would still even want to be a part of this Racist event that does nothing but further along the white supremacist structures and plans that they are heavily promoting in this country.

While everyone is wasting time and energy talking and rambling about the foolishness white supremacist's structures are getting stronger and more organized than ever. They are getting away with murder… Literally.

Now is the time that the Black Race start to talk about the facts that make the white supremacist uncomfortable, It is time for us as the Black Race to educate Ourselves and to our History and the Darkness that they are Known for. At the end of the day no one is constantly keeping the foot on the neck of the oppressor and trying to make a change for the better. The Black People that are on the Tel-Lie-Vision are their hand picked puppets that they are constantly using to sell all of us that are still naive enough to believe in any form of this system the dream that they are constantly selling us on a daily basis.

Bottom line Black People is that they want us to continue to talk about this ignorance that has now spread like wildfire… Yet as soon as the conversation changes to something in history that is more relevant and important than what has been the main discourse, when it is about them and white people and how they have done someone wrong they are quick to say that we are digging in the past and that our topic of discussion is irrelevant.

Your Revolutionary Brethren… Gabriel Prosser




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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser

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