Vaccine Zombies…🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

Vaccine Smaccine… Everyday that we wake up in this country we are bombarded with the urgency, and for some it is mandatory for them to keep their jobs, also keeping their children in school.

According to VAERS since the start of COVID-19 vaccines in July of 2020 up until July of 2021 their have been more deaths from just this one vaccine in one year than all other combined vaccines in a fifteen year period. Now the question is why aren’t these facts being promoted in the media or social media as relevant?

I have an idea. It has become more than obvious that this country that i love to call “HYPOCRERICA” ( Which is the title of my Book”) Cares not for the citizens in this country Nor abroad. How else can you explain “Dead Peasants Clause” legal binding insurance on employees in this country that pass while they are working for… For now lets just say Big Companies being Blunt they collect monies on the Dead Peasants for not being insured.

What should start making sense is why would a system that is intent on making more money off you dead want to keep you and your family Healthy and living long. Just think for a second….🔥🌲💨💨💨🤔 You go to the doctor for stomach pain they want to give you a prescription that has side effects worse that what you had before you went in…. GTFOH

This whole capitilistic system is built on making money off of death and pain. Common sense should tell you (Not the rapper)that if they are practically giving away millions of free vaccines and not one person can recieve free healthcare in this country to deal with problems that may arise from taking the experimental shot. Another thing is these Big Pharma companies are protected fom being sued by the people if they have adverse effects because of their drug they made….. Wheels should be turning by now..🤔🤔

So why continued to be duped into becoming a Vaccine Zombie🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ When the facts outweigh all the Bullshit that we see and hear on the daily basis from the corrupt and controlled media that continues to spread lies and poison. In a attempt to further cause division and strife so that we cannot see and concetrate on the one common enemy that we all have…. I’ll let that one sink in…🔥🌲💨💨💨💨

Gabriel Prosser




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Gabriel Prosser

Gabriel Prosser

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